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BEERTAILS - Exactly how it sounds. Our beers, mixed with fresh ingredients, and our new spirit line. 

Gose Sunrise
Short Fuse Blanco Tequila & Guava Gose, Orange, & Cherry.

Bear-ie Tai
Short Fuse Rum & Bear-ie White, Mint, Orgeat, & Lime.

Thin Skin-Politan
Short Fuse Vodka & Wild Saison, Orange Essence, Cranberry, & Lime. 


DRAFT COCKTAILS - Designed & kegged by our lovely brewers.

Key Lime Margarita
Short Fuse Blanco Agave, Key Lime, Orange, & Agave Syrup.

American Mule
Short Fuse Vodka, House Made Ginger Beer, and lime.

Mayan Mule
Short Fuse Blanco Agave, House Made Ginger Beer, and lime.

Kentucky Mule
Short Fuse Aged Bourbon, House Made Ginger Beer, and lime.

Old Fashioned
Short Fuse Aged Bourbon, Luxardo, Orange, Demerara, & Bitters.

Mai Tai
Short Fuse Rum, Orange, Orgeat, & Lime.

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